Event Program

WNBF Pro USA $10,500 Cash Awards!


California Natural Muscle Mayhem
Bodybuilding, Figure, Fit Body, Men's Physique & Bikini Pro Qualifier *

July 11, 2015


Coming in 2016


Oahu & Las Vegas
WNBF Pro Qualifiers!

L.A. Natural Muscle Mayhem
* Bodybuilding, Figure, Fit Body, Men's Physique, & Bikini Pro Qualifier *
May 16, 2015!

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Welcome to California Natural Muscle!

As lifetime natural athletes, Tina and Bob believe strongly in the integrity of the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation, and their mission is to educate and encourage the art, and science of drug free strength training and bodybuilding. Tina and Bob have been providing seminars to local high school classes about the dangers of steroids and other performance enhancing drugs, while educating students about the attributes of weight training and leading a healthy lifestyle. It is hoped that this message will help to eventually change the poor image often associated with drug use in bodybuilding.

Tina and Bob are proud of the many men and women who will be competing in the WNBF Pro USA & WNBF Amateur California Natural Muscle Mayhem, and hope that this event will be a wonderful culminating experience for all of their hard training. We would like to encourage you to attend our 17th annual event in Sacramento, California on July 16th, 2016. We also thank you for supporting this fantastic sport, and for encouraging all athletes to stay drug free. Extra special thanks to Cellucor for their amazing partnership and support to the WNBF, our athletes, and Natural Bodybuilding!

Competitor Resources

Drug Testing and Banned Substances
Drug Testing

Competitors cannot have used any substances indicated as being banned for WNBF competitions during specified duration periods.
2015 Banned Substances.  Please contact us if you have specific supplement questions!

Location and Directions to the Venue

The Performing Arts Center
Sheldon High School
8333 Kingsbridge Drive
Sacramento, CA 95829

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